EYEMOVER for iMda doll
iMda Doll専用のアイムーバーです。
iMda Dollの構造や寸法に合わせた専用設計なので、取り付けが手軽で、なおかつスムーズに動きます。
iMda Dollには2つのSカン用溝がありますが、そのうち前側の溝を占有します。





グラスアイ [○]
アイカラースイッチ [○(半球アイのみ)]
取りつけやすさ [○] スリープ [×] アイ交換 [○]
適合種類 [iMda2.6 iMda3.0] 1
取りつけに必要な物 : グルーガンまたは接着剤


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EYEMOVER for iMda Doll 2.6
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EYEMOVER for iMda Doll 3.0
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EYEMOVER for iMda doll
It is an eye mover exclusively for iMda Doll.
Since it is specially designed according to the structure and dimensions of iMda Doll, it is easy to install and moves smoothly.
When installing, there is only one adhesive point with a glue gun.
The iMda Doll has two S-can grooves, of which the front groove is occupied.

You can also use a glass eye if the back is smooth. Also, when using a hemispherical eye, you can switch the color by mounting a combination of two colors.
You can also use only one type of hemispherical eye.

Since you can easily change the eyes, you will be able to prepare a lot of eyes and enjoy changing the eyes like wigs and clothes.

The iMda2.6 kit is for 14mm eyes only, and the iMda3.0 kit is for 16mm eyes only.
1mm is 0.039 inch.

Simplified chart
Glass eye [0] Eye color switch [0(Hemisphere eye only)] Easy to install [0] Sleep [x] Eye exchange [0] Compatible type [iMda2.6 iMda3.0] 1
Necessary items for installation: glue gun or glue

The product may be upgraded without notice, and we will give notice before discontinuation of production and sell the required number of orders.

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EYEMOVER for iMda Doll 2.6
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EYEMOVER for iMda Doll 3.0
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